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Best Funny Nepali Jokes

Girl:- यो dress कतिको हो ? Shopkeeper:- 5 kiss Girl:- अनी यो चाइ ? Shopkeeper:- 10 किस Girl :- ठिक छ दुबै pack गर्देउ , बिल मेरो हजुरआमाले तिर्नुहुन्छ ! म : कान्छि तिमि...

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Funny Sardarji Jokes [Hindi]

1. Sardarji is buying a TV. “Do you have color TVs?” “Sure.” “Give me a green one, please.”   2. Sardarji calls Air India. “How long does it take to fly to Amritsar?” Just...

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Best Short Stupid Jokes Collection [Q/A]

Hello! Here are some hand picked collection of best stupid jokes. Q/A Format. Enjoy 🙂 Q: Why did the stadium get hot after the game? A: All of the fans left  Q: What did...