EK Chihan by Hridaya Chandrasingh Pradhan

Ek Chihan Book Details

In ek chihan book the author has interpreted life of a simple Newar family in Kathmandu facing poverty and discrimination by society. The novel shows the situations and reality of people in context of Nepal. This story is about a sick and unwell poor man with family and responsibility, trying to survive in this harsh world.

ISBN: 9789993329046
Title: Ek Chihan
Author: Hadaya Chandrasingh Pradhan
Edition Year: 2067
Cover: Paperback
Subject: Nepali Literature
Language: Nepali
Abstract: In this book the author has interpreted life of a simple family facing poverty and discrimination by society. The novel shows the situations and reality of people in context of Nepal. This story is about a sick and unwell poor man with family and responsibility, trying to survive in this harsh world.
Edition: First Edition
Pages: 107
Size(mm): 136 x 211
Weight(grams): 115

About Audio Book:

This audio book contains seven parts and is narrated by RJ Susmita Bogati from Times FM.
Time: 3 hours and 25 minutes

This is a famous novel ‘EK Chihan’ by novelist Hridaya Chandra Singh Pradhan. This novel has inaugurated the farmers’ problems and has also highlighted the importance of interracial marriage. In our society, caste system is buried. People here are not able to get rid of the enclosed area of territorialism and ethnicity. The novel has been presented by breaking this compressed circle. The main characters of this novel are standing as anti-social rites and traditions. Therefore, Shivwanara has been married to his brother Hushanara for marrying a woman Tamangi, while marrying Tarai Ram Khekhvan Tarai of Terai Nainthuku, Raut has formed an interconnected marriage.

Traditions appear to be unmatched as mountains, Madheses, Navvas, Tamang, and Bahun in the past. Instead of bringing balance, discipline in the society, insecurity will bring people to justice. To avoid such bad things, a person living in the society can create a wider heart.

This is the fantasy of the novel of the novel. This has saved fragmentation due to interracial marriages, but also the fragrance that can come to society .The eating classes in this novel seem to be fun and fascinating in poverty and traumatic problems.

Subba Suraman and Budhat Prasad have been shown in the novel as a collaborator, how they exploit poor people .As this, the ‘Anchhan’ novel has shown the dental status of the poor sections of the society. The farmer who is busy in the night is difficult to connect with him, and the condition of life which is a carpenter can be lifted. Due to racial discrimination, conservative thinking and social economic inequality, poor people are presented in a truly real-life novel. The novel has shown that the exploitation of slowly consciousness in the poor after the demolition has reduced, the novel has shown that ‘a tomb’ has been seen with the success of the novel that intercultural marriage plays an important role in bringing the environment and harmony into the society.

Ek Chihan Characters Name

Characters in Ek Chihan novel are :

  • Asthanarayan
  • Latamaya
  • Shivanarayan
  • Purnanarayan
  • Harsanarayan
  • Nanithanku
  • Subba Surman
  • Ram Bahadur
  • Dr. Goddhattoprashad
  • Ranjana Devi

Ek Chihan Summary

          The novelist has already considered the idea of ​​removing social disorders like traditional socialism, religious superstition, economic exploitation and ethnic discrimination through this novel. Ek chihan novel has presented a new progressive approach against traditional religious rites. The novel has opposed the tradition that the poor husband should give donation, the debt should be cured, feed the feast, and should show religious rituals during his father’s work. While the strangers of society have exploited the people and traditionally made it, it is found in the novel that is supposed to break such false tradition. The rich novel of rich society, poor people who have forgotten poorly cheese mosaic funeral, have to die in hunger. The novel is shown in the novel that the poor exploitor like Subba Suman and Bhatdal Prasad exploit the poor people as a collaborator. Such anxieties have expressed the idea of ​​progress from kindness. To get rid of financial shortage and injustice, poor people are expressed in the same story as a single novel in the times of crisis, not to take loans from the lions, continue to work hard to reduce their expenditure, and always fight against unjust oppression. This novel has already acknowledged the importance of eliminating racial discrimination and encouraging international marriage. This novel is found in the novel, ending ethnic discrimination to make a prosperous society and gathering all the rounds on the national unity. Thus, a progressive idea of ​​these and one such social awakening has been presented in such an important novel, and the novel has requested to remove social disorder through these ideas and create a good society.

Ek chihan online audio book by RJ susmita.

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