IOE Entrance Exam Rumour: No CBT this Year?

Institute Of Engineering(IOE) is one of the leading Engineering Institute operated by Tribhuwan Univerisity.IOE has been using Computer Based Test(CBT) as entrance examination since few years. But since the starting of CBT,there has been complaints from students stating that CBT is unfair.Also,Case was filed against IOE CBT and the news from our sources say that IOE lost the case recently. Here are some proofs for that.

ioe entrance rumours

There have been some rumors of IOE ENTRANCE following one time exam for all students instead of being 2 weeks long exam of 4 shifts per day & also rumor of change in syllabus of IOE ENTRANCE EXAMINATION. Though the confirmation is yet to come. If this happens, there are few points that you people should consider for a while.

  • First of all, if this happens, the exam will be fair as competition is decided from same questions to all students which was the case before year 2072 BS .
  • The rumor of removing the aptitude section had always been in air after this CBT method started 4 years ago in IOE ENTRANCE EXAMINATION as there were unnecessary and too much variation in questions asked in this section & the syllabus of other subjects were never been the subject of debate.
  • If there is consideration to change the syllabus, there will be maximum chance of keeping some parts of engineering drawing and removing other engineering aptitude sections but this removal will surely be compensated by redistribution of marks among other four subjects viz. English, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics(specially in physics and mathematics).
  • One thing is very important, don’t get disturbed and distracted by these things, there will be not very large change in syllabus in terms of contents..
  • If this rumors appears to be true, the repeating nature of past questions will not come to end. So, prepare for something uncertain.
  • Clear all doubts, gain all concepts, and finally go through all questions. This is the best method to prepare for entrance examination.

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After the initial year when CBT method started in IOE, there were too much unnecessary questions in Engineering Aptitude Section and the rumor of removing this part had started very early.

Don’t get panic and distracted. The one who can manage and study all the subjects (instead of reading only one or two whole time) effectively will surely perform best in entrance examination. The questions of IOE ENTRANCE EXAMINATION were always “very medium type and fundamental relating” in both paper based and CBT type. So, study hard and focus continuously. Don’t forget: “Manage time for every subjects each day”.

Lets wait for confirmation and hope IOE will conduct one time entrance examination for all students for fair competition which in fact each and every students have felt throughout this journey.


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